OPDC Participants' Open Day 2017

On Monday 4th September, please join us for a FREE open afternoon of talks by our OPDC scientists and clinicians. Find out how your participation in the Discovery Cohort is improving our understanding of Parkinson's and driving us closer to a cure.

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2017 OPDC Open Day website2

If you have any queries about this event - please email: opdc.administrator@dpag.ox.ac.uk or ring 01865 223166.


1:30 Welcome and Introduction Dr Michele Hu  
1:35 Update on OPDC-inspired Parkinson's trials coming soon near you Dr Michele Hu  
1:55 Impulse control disorder in Parkinson’s Dr Mark Kelly  
2:15 Gait Thaw to help freezing in Parkinson's Dr James Cantley  
2:35-2:55 Tea and Coffee    
2:55 Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD): a window into early Parkinson’s Dr Thomas Barber  
3:15 What is the OPDC doing to improve YOUR sleep? Dr Christine Lo  
3:35 Could inflammation be important to Parkinson’s? Dr Sally Cowley  
3:55 What novel Parkinson’s therapies are in the Oxford Discovery pipeline? Professor Richard Wade-Martins  
4:15 Panel discussion and Q&A    
4:30 End