OPDC: Progress in Parkinson's Research

A series of talks from the 2015 OPDC Participants' Day (March 18th 2015, Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, Oxford University)

OPDC Scientists and Clinicians talk about how our work is helping to improve the understanding of Parkinson's and drive us closer to a cure.

Overview: The Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre (OPDC) Cohort

Dr Michele Hu, Co-Principal Investigator of the OPDC, gives an overview of the Centre's vision and research themes

Using novel technologies to assess Parkinson's

Mathematician & Engineer, Max Little, discusses how modern technology, such as smart phones, can aid recording behavioural & environmental factors in Parkinson's research.

Neuropathology: the CSI of Parkinson's Disease

OPDC Clinical Research Fellow Dr Claudio Ruffmann on the crucial role of Brain Donation to understand the mechanisms underlying Parkinson's

From Dreams to Neurodegeneration

Dr Michal Rolinski discusses REM sleep behaviour disorder and its possible links to Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's: More than a tremor

Dr Fahd Baig discusses the non motor symptoms of Parkinson's.


How can skin cells help us understand Parkinson's?

Richard Wade Martins, OPDC Principal Investigator, discusses his current research into Skin cells and Stem cells