Dayne Beccano-Kelly

Dayne Beccano-Kelly

Career Development Fellow

My main interests are the assessment of synaptic dysfunction that occurs in neurodegeneration and the aberrant downstream signaling that this can cause. It is my belief that through the use of multidisciplinary techniques, we can identify early “prodromal” stages of the disease necessary for the design of preventative therapeutics.

I received my BSc degree in Biochemistry (with Industry) in 2006 from the University of Leeds, UK. During this time I was invited to attend the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, Florida as part of an industrial placement.

I went on to obtain my PhD (entitled “The pathological and physical effects of Aβ protein on the subunits of voltage gated potassium channels: From cell lines to human disease”) at the University of Leeds in 2010.

Having accomplished two further postdoctoral placements (at the Universities of Dundee and British Columbia), I now have more than 10 years of neurodegenerative research experience encompassing work on stroke, hypoxia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinsonism.

My aim has always been to answer the fundamental questions of neurodegeneration by using multiple techniques and approaches in order to obtain well-rounded answers that will help to produce preventative therapeutics for those afflicted with the disorders.


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